Mogwai: New Video for “Ceiling Granny”

Mogwai: New Video for “Ceiling Granny”
Mogwai: New Video for “Ceiling Granny”

The Mogwai shared a video for the theme “Ceiling Granny”, taken from the tenth album, “As The Love Continues”, released last month.

The Mogwai, who gave us an interview a few weeks ago to talk about their latest album, have a new video for the theme “Ceiling Granny”, which was filmed and edited by filmmaker and skater Jon Miner, and features images of their own archives dating from 1995, the year of the formation of the Scottish band.

In a press release, Jon Miner highlighted the inspiration he has always sought for Mogwai music: «Having had a skateboarding career for the past 25 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Mogwai on a variety of skate and video related projects. Their music has always been a huge inspiration. Last year I had time to organize some of my movie files and I took it back to Super 8. As a young skater with a camera, there is a fun side to the film and the moments captured… Thanks to the Mogwai, I was given the opportunity to explore that feeling for the “Ceiling Granny” theme».

The video is a mix of Super8 and 16mm footage captured by Jon Miner between 1995 and 2010 and results in an exciting set of images with urban, industrial and social landscapes, presented as if seen from an old projector. Check out the player below.

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