Puppet Circus reinvents itself with the video

Puppet Circus reinvents itself with the video
Puppet Circus reinvents itself with the video

Theatrical company specialized in animation theater that has two decades of trajectory, Circo de Bonecos, from Salto, discovers in the video and in the social media of the internet new ways to keep its art connected with the public. “We need to study cinema, to unveil its techniques, to be able to think of a work that could reach the public with the same theatricality”, comments Claudio Saltini, founder of the group next to his wife, Teka Queiroz. This Thursday, 8th, they participate in the Festival de Janeiro – Special Edition – organized by Cia. Fábrica de Sonhos, from Rio Preto -, with the show “Inzoonia”.

“Inzoonia”, or rather, the “face-to-face” play by Cia. Circo de Bonecos, was conceived in 2005, with more than 500 sessions held all over Brazil. At the Rio-Pretense festival, the audience will watch the version created by the group for the audiovisual language. “Last year, right at the beginning of the pandemic, we started making videos of recordings of our shows available on the internet. The experience was frustrating. The closest fans told us that it was boring, tiring. They were videos of still camera and open stage, that we send to festivals “, says Saltini. “The only alternative was to study cinema and adapt our works to that language”, he adds.

For the artist, the discussion about the permanence of this new language after the pandemic is useless. “Nothing replaces the theater. The encounter that the theater establishes is something unique in humanity. But I believe that there will be people who will want to continue creating in this sense, as well as continuing to do shows for the live audience”, he comments.

According to Saltini, taking the shows from the repertoire of Cia. Circo de Bonecos to the audiovisual demanded new narratives, which dialogued with the language of the video. “We tell the story when editing the material. We also found that scenes recorded with more than one camera make the experience richer for the viewer,” he says.

“Inzoonia” revolves around two children who make up various excuses at bedtime. The play shows that the lack of sleep will be a reason for the two to use objects to tell small and poetic stories. Thus, a rolled up sock becomes a sheep. A hairdryer turns into a big bad wolf and a bunk bed, a pirate ship.

In addition to showing the play, at 7 pm, on the Festival de Janeiro website (festivaldejaneiro.com) and on Sesi / SP’s Facebook, Circo de Bonecos runs a puppet manipulation workshop, at 11 am, on Zoom. Free tickets are available on the Sympla platform.

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