Video: police officer seriously injured after motorcycle kicked by suspect – General

A few seconds after the policeman’s accident, the PM’s car team arrived and provided first aid (photo: PMMG / Divulgao)

During police chase after theft of the establishment commercial in Uberaba, in Tringulo Mineiro, this Monday afternoon (04/04), a suspect, 25 years old, kicked the motorcycle of a 37-year-old military policeman, who fell, crashed into a street lamp On Avenida Colonel Joaquim de Oliveira Prata and was seriously injured. He was taken unconscious and with several wounds to the Hospital Universitrio Mrio Palmrio. To ascertain the health status of the police, the report contacted the hospital’s press office, but did not obtain it. answer.According to PM information, the man who caused the policeman’s accident was arrested shortly afterwards, as he hit the back of a vehicle and fell, suffering minor injuries.

In addition to him, another suspect from the theft, a young man of 20 years.

According to an account by a PM witness, before attempting to steal several objects and approximately R $ 200, both suspects arrived on a motorcycle at the commercial establishment. Then the 20-year-old suspect entered the trade with a revlver announcing the theft, while the second individual stayed on the motorcycle, on the side of outside.

But quickly, still according to the PM, the police team arrived and arrested the youngest suspect, and then the I pursue the other suspect.


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