Eloy Casagrande makes a huge cover of “War Pigs” (Black Sabbath) in video

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Eloy Casagrande has guaranteed the entertainment of its fans by posting more and more frequently on its YouTube channel.

In addition to sharing stories and curiosities about his career, the drummer of Grave it also shows in the videos all of his exceptional skill and talent on the drums.

In his most recent video, Casagrande provided a cover of “War Pigs”, from the album Paranoid of 1970, from Black Sabbath.

As explained by the Brazilian musician, the performance was performed with the features of the “Moises” application, which allows the user to remove parts of any song so that he can play along.

In the introduction to the publication Eloy said:

Today, I’m going to play a Black Sabbath song called ‘War Pigs’. I’m a big fan of Black Sabbath.

“[…] In the first half of the song, I’ll do my best to accompany Bill (Ward )’s drums and, after that, I’ll add some new elements.

Check out the sensational performance in the video below.

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