Watch video of ‘shack’: miss has crown torn off after accusation of divorce – International

(photo: AFP)

The Miss Sri Lanka contest had a unique scene for the spectators: the crown of the winner, Pushpika de Silva, was ripped off by Miss Sri Lanka in 2019 and Miss Mundo in 2020, Caroline Jurie. According to her, the new awarded could not receive the crown because it was divorcee. At the time of removal of the crown, Pushpika had an injured head and ended up trying to go to the hospital.

During the coronation, held last weekend, the ex-miss took the stage of the international competition, which seeks the most bonita from the planet, and removed the microphone from the presenter, stating that the contest needed to be invalidated: “There is a rule that prevents women who have already been married and get divorced, so I’m taking measures so that the crown goes to the second placed “.

The public was surprised and Jurie placed the crown on the head of the competitor who had been in second place. In an interview with the newspaper News 1st, she stated that she was not divorced, she just did not live in the same house as her husband: “Living in separate houses and being divorced are completely different things. I have already taken legal measures against injustice and humiliation. caused no event “.


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