Covid: Bolsonaro publishes video of mayor advocating early treatment | Politics

Covid: Bolsonaro publishes video of mayor advocating early treatment | Politics
Covid: Bolsonaro publishes video of mayor advocating early treatment | Politics
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Bolsonaro shares video of the mayor of Chapecó defending early treatment

The president Jair Bolsonaro
(without a party) shared on Monday (5) on his official Facebook profile a video in which the mayor of Chapeco
, in Santa Catarina, João Rodrigues (PSD) defends the early treatment against the new coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2), which has no proven efficacy and is not recommended by medical authorities.

“Listen to the mayor of Chapecó”, writes Bolsonaro
in the video caption, where the mayor of the city of the west explains, for 2 minutes, how the city of the Midwest of Santa Catarina went “in less than 60 days, from the worst results in Brazil to the best numbers”.

At an event in Brasilia on Monday (5), the President
classified the work of the Santa Catarina representative as “exceptional” and announced that he will travel to Chapecó this week.

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According to João, at the end of January, Chapecó registered 6000 active cases of Covid-19, and now, “there are less than 800”.

“Here in Chapecó we have adopted all protocols. The early treatment protocol has also been adopted. Attention, mayors and governors, do not be afraid. Open your doors, treat your patients with everything that is possible. For science too, of course, yes. But let the doctors who want to do the early treatment do it. Give support. It was what we did in Chapecó “, says the mayor.

However, in the video it is not reported that the city has undergone harsh restrictions. Between February 23 and March 7, Chapecó joined the lockdown
, a measure that Bolsonaro for several opportunities has already proved otherwise.

In late March, the city also restricted the operation of non-essential activities, such as nightclubs, bars and restaurants with limited occupancy.

Regarding the drugs used in “early treatment”, the World Health Organization ( WHO
) advised against the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, the latter even being advised against by the pharmacist itself, Merck Sharp and Dohme, who stated that there is no evidence that the drug will bring any benefit against the Covid-19.

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