In video, Renan Bolsonaro spits on his mother, who minimizes: ‘Respects me a lot’ – 04/06/2021

A video of Renan Bolsonaro, son of President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), spitting water in the face of his mother, Ana Cristina Siqueira Valle, circulated on social media and made Ana Cristina come out in defense of her son on Monday. On video, Renan and his mother explained that what happened was not an act of disrespect but a joke.

In a publication made on the social network Tik Tok, Renan asks his mother to imitate animal sounds. When Ana Cristina does not know how to reproduce the sound of a whale, Renan, who was watering his mouth, spits liquid on his mother’s face, who reacts by fighting with her son and slapping him, while he laughs.

“He didn’t spit in my face, he made a joke like so many children have been doing with their mothers. We are seeing in a pandemic time everyone at home enjoying, playing, taking a wave with the mother’s face and he did it with mine “, explained Ana Cristina in a video published on Renan’s Instagram Stories. “I also thought it was funny, at the time I got angry, I slapped, but it’s okay,” he added.

Ana Cristina also said that “what is happening is not supposed to happen”, referring to how the video had repercussions in the media.

“Now the media catches him, because he is joking and does it as if it were an offense, as if he had disrespected me. That is not what happened. some tapas, but everything is fine “, said Ana Cristina.

“My son respects me a lot, he would never spit in my face.”


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