Elderly man will be vaccinated on a donkey in the surroundings of DF; video

Goiania – An unusual pair drew attention in the line of cars waiting for vaccination at a drive thru in Luziânia, in the surroundings of DF. The elderly João de Abreu, 68 years old, received the immunizer mounted on the donkey Freio de Ouro, on Monday afternoon (5/4).

Excited and wearing a mask, the man waited calmly for his turn to receive the dose of hope. To the health workers who provided the service, he said that he did not want to wait for an available car to take him.

He put a halter and saddle on the donkey, left the Viegas II Sector and crossed part of the city to a Basic Health Unit to get vaccinated. Seu Abreu, as he is better known, traveled about three kilometers outward and another three kilometers back.

The initiative was published on Luziânia City Hall’s Instagram and attracted the sympathy of the followers. Physiotherapist Carla Melo, who worked on the immunization campaign, was responsible for recording the video and commented in the publication that everyone was delighted with the initiative.

“He told me that he could post the wish that we would have a lot of likes… a figure indeed! It is an example for many who find a thousand excuses and difficulties in pursuing immunization, ”he said.

The profile Alaidy Souza also commented in the publication. She said that João Abreu is her father-in-law. “He is very proud, he is a great example, he was taking the vaccine with what he had, as he says, I wanted to show what he is!”

Another profile, Lidiane Pereira, identified herself as Seu Abreu’s daughter. “My father is very pleased to mark a very important moment for everyone, showing his naturalness with his donkey, which is a story in his life, Freio de Ouro.”

Luziânia is currently vaccinating elderly people from 66 years of age. Vaccination is taking place in three points in the city of the surroundings of the Federal District between 9 am and 5 pm. In all, 8,433 people in the municipality have already been vaccinated, 3.99% in the 1st dose and 0.93% in the 2nd dose.


By wagon, elderly man receives vaccine against Covid-19 in drive-thru in the city of Piracanjuba, interior of GoiásPress Release / Piracanjuba City Hall

João de Abreu, 68 years old, was a donkey to receive vaccine against Covid in Luziânia (GO), in the surroundings of DFjoaodeabreu

João de Abreu, 68 years old, was a donkey to receive vaccine against Covid in Luziânia (GO), in the surroundings of DFPlayback / Instagram

goias student goes to school on horseback to seek school activitieslight horse

Lorran Dias, a 13-year-old student in Luziânia, will ride on the Kíria mare to seek school activities every 15 daysReproduction / Personal archive


By wagon

Seu Abreu is not the first in Goiás to draw attention when seeking the vaccination queue in an unusual way. At the beginning of the campaign, in February, the retired Juarez Barbosa, 90 years old, went by wagon to receive the vaccine in Piracanjuba.

The breeder of horses and using the wagon as a means of transport, the elderly man did not hesitate. At the time, one of the nieces said that he was anxiously waiting for the vaccine and that he was afraid of becoming infected with the new coronavirus. “We were very relieved,” he commented.

Of mare

Also in Luziânia, recently, the case of student Lorran Dias dos Santos, 13 years old, drew attention. He is in the eighth grade of elementary school and is riding on the mare Kíria to pursue biweekly activities at a school. The state public school system has been in remote activities since last year due to the pandemic.

He travels miles to the place and says it is worth the effort. “I go on horseback to school because it is the way I have to study. Studying is what will define what you will be in the future, ”he said. The student’s dream is to be an agronomist.

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