Pastor breaks image of Our Lady with hammer and sets fire; VIDEO

A video that would be of a pastor breaking an image of Nossa Senhora Aparecida with hammer blows and setting fire to the pieces was obtained and released by the portal NPDiário – watch below. The situation would have happened on the last day 2, Good Friday, in the district of Monte Real, rural area of ​​Santo Antônio da Platina, in the north of Paraná.

The man who breaks the image and sets fire is identified as Pastor Miguel Moreira, and the man with the cell phone, recording the situation, identifies himself as Alex.

In the video, the pastor says: “We will be destroying this curse that was in a brother’s house and then we will burn. Burn and destroy all this evil, in the name of the Lord Jesus. This is not a blessing in anyone’s home ”, referring to the image, symbol of the Catholic Church.

Then the pastor breaks the image of Our Lady with hammering, puts alcohol in the pieces and sets it on fire. With the image on fire, he says: “We burned in the name of Jesus that spirit that was destroying the family of this suffering brother. The spirit of darkness, the spirit of curse ”.

The report by GMC Online failed to contact the pastor.

See the video:

Report made with the collaboration of the NPDiário portal.

Vandals cut hands of santa image

In April of last year, vandals cut off the hands of an image of Nossa Senhora das Graças, which is in the cloverleaf access to the city that bears the name of the saint, in the northwest region of Paraná.

According to the Municipality of Nossa Senhora das Graças, the image has been in place for more than 20 years and had never been the target of vandalism.

Vandals cut off the hands of an image of Our Lady of Graces. Photo: Disclosure

The hands of the city’s patron saint image were restored in May last year by a businessman from Londrina, who proposed to do the job for free.

Image was restored a month after being vandalized. Photo: Disclosure

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