Andressa Urach’s wedding is celebrated by the video model: ‘Forever’

Andressa values ​​scars when remembering drama with hydrogel

The model and writer almost died in 2014 after applying hydrogel to her legs. In a recent interview, he said that he wants to keep the scars he was left with so as not to forget what happened. “They are here to remind me of my limit,” he said. Andressa also commented on the attacks she suffers on the web. “I get every comment that hurts me, and it makes us look for cosmetic procedures that we don’t need,” said she, who recently implanted 590ml of silicone in her breasts.

Is it okay, honey? Wonderful prosthesis! I recommend it because it does not leak. My chest was beautiful! I love and value myself! Preparing for the best phase of my life and career! Brief news “, the ex-Miss Bumbum promised at the time of the implant. On the occasion, the former participant of the reality TV at Record TV removed a tattoo with the expression” a life “.

At the same time, he left the Universal Church, of which he was faithful, and responded to comments that he would have heard from pastors. “Funny, right? When I was over two million, I paid … Now that I’m not, I’m the devil. Thankfully, my relationship is with God and not with men,” shot Andressa. “I am very happily married, thank God. I am keeping quiet, but I do not admit that they use my image to compare Satan. You are going to see Satan for real. I just have to talk and show the audios and everything I know” , completed.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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