mother prevents son from being taken in car during robbery in DF

Two men and a teenager were arrested this Saturday (3/4) after stealing a woman’s car at the time she was putting her son, just 1 year old, in the car seat. The case occurred in Santa Maria.

All the criminals’ action was caught by security cameras. In the video it is possible to see the mother placing the child in the car while three people approach and announce the assault.

Another woman, a cousin of the owner of the vehicle, notices the movement and gets out of the car. While the men get in the car, the mother manages to rescue the baby.

See the action of criminals:

According to information from the chief delegate of the 27th Police Station, Pablo Aguiar, the bandits used a knife and a simulated firearm during the theft. “She handed over a key and documents and credit cards were taken,” he explains.

After the crime, the victim informed a neighbor of the incident, who called the Military Police of the Federal District (PMDF). “There was information that they were on the BR-040 and there was a chase, which ended when they hit the car at the curb,” says Pablo Aguiar.

The two men were arrested and the teenager was apprehended. The victim recognized the three bandits who approached her.


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