Gangga Barreto debuts project and lana lyric video of single Memeu

Memeu marks Esperanar’s debut, second Olindense album (Photo: YTALLO BARRETO / DIVULGAO)

Pernambuco artist Gangga Barreto released a lyric video of the single on her YouTube channel Memeu. Between the comings and goings of the fisherman who gives the track its name, the song narrates the character’s moment of intimacy with the sea and his guardian African deity: Iemanjá. With touches of ijexá, the production is by Jadson Bacteria (formerly Mundo Livre S / A), who co-signs the arrangements with the artist. Memeu marks the debut of Hope, Olindense’s second album that will be released track by track throughout the year. In the new project, Gangga promises to deliver all the versatility of his career in dance compositions and a lot of Pernambuco.

Thus, the fisherman paves the way in a song that brings together elements enshrined in the collective imagination and leads the viewer to an interaction with nature and its sacredness. They are the flowers delivered to the queen of the sea, while the waters take away the hurt that hovered in the chest, victim of the pain of a lost love. The release features a lyric video signed by visual artist Matheus Xavier. Strongly iconographic, the clip shows an authentic Latin American audiovisual production. These are photographs of digitally cut fishermen, sculptures, tiles, flowers and many other symbols of fishing and Olinda.

Known for her musical trajectory alongside artists like Lia de Itamaracá and the Belgian band Think Of One, it was only in 2019 that Gangga released their debut Clarins. In Hope, it announces a new time, speaks of sowing and cultivation as levers for the flowering of better days. “It is necessary to have hope. But hope of the verb to hope. Because there are people who have the hope of the verb to wait. Hope of the verb to hope is not hope, it is hope ”, sentences the artist. “We need to refuse what rots our ability, our integrity and our active faith in works. Hope is looking and reacting to what seems to have no way out ”, concludes Gangga.Check out the lyric video


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