Sindepo president criticizes use of “xepas” only for PMDF

Sindepo president criticizes use of “xepas” only for PMDF
Sindepo president criticizes use of “xepas” only for PMDF
The president of the Union of Police Delegates of the Federal District (Sindepo-DF), Rafael Sampaio, recorded a video on Monday (5/4) to criticize the decision of the Health Department to prioritize the destination of the remaining doses of vaccines against Covid-19 for military police officers who escort the products and servers in the briefcase.

The declaration occurs after the Metropolises have reported occurrences of clashes between members of the security forces and the professionals responsible for the vaccination posts set up by the Government of the Federal District (GDF).

“The Department of Health today wrote yet another sad page in its history. In a scandalous decision, the Health Secretariat decided that the priority group to take the remaining doses are only the servers that provide support to health posts and vaccination teams ”, said the union leader.

According to Sampaio, the regulation of the standard would demonstrate “concern for their safety”, and not with the professionals who are at the forefront of combating the pandemic.

“The death, the sickness, of a policeman more or less for them does not seem to matter, as long as they have a healthy team for their personal safety. That decision is a shame. The health summit has already caused a lot of damage to the government during the pandemic, it could do without it, ”he complained.

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Last Friday (2/4), the Union of Police Delegates of the DF (Sindepo-DF) released a note in which “expresses indignation at the treatment given to the colleague at the Lago Sul health center, when a nurse refused to use the leftovers from Covid-19 vaccines, stating that they would only apply them to military police officers of the 5th Battalion, in disagreement with the plan released by the DF Department of Health, which provides for use for all public security servers ”.

“This sad episode reflects the little case that the Secretariat of Health has been giving to Public Security employees who, despite being at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus, subjected to conditions of exposure that determine the contagion four times greater than the population in general, it was only last week that they received the news of the start of their immunization, which, until now, has not materialized ”, pointed out Sindepo-DF.

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