Video reveals what the 7-seater Jeep SUV will look like

Launched in the US this year, Grand Cherokee has the same visual elements as the 7-seater SUV shown in the teaser

Market| 04/05/2021 | 19h43

Teaser shows what look will follow the new Grand Cherokee and gives a clue about the name


The video is fast and does not show the vehicle in its entirety, but it already gives some indications of what the future national 7-seater Jeep will be, which starts to be manufactured and sold in August. The model was designed by the Brazilian branch team and should be reproduced in other parts of the world.

Revealed at the presentation of the new Compass (read here) and the new services platform of the brand Adventure Intelligence, the teaser is only 19 seconds long, but offers some valuable clues to help unravel the mystery that for more than a year surrounds what will be the third Jeep SUV produced at the factory. Goiana (PE).

The most important revelation is about the design of the front: the images show that the model must follow the same style of the new Grand Cherokee, which was presented in the United States in January, as can be seen in the photo above. Another tip is about the name: it is true that it is only possible to distinguish the letters E and R together, but it indicates that it may be in the path of rumors that claim that the SUV with three rows of seats would be called Commander and already dismisses another hypothesis, that bet on Patriot. It is also good to remember that there is a 7-seater Jeep in China called Grand Commander.

Watch the video below and draw your own conclusions.

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