VIDEO: Combine harvester without brake goes down avenue at high speed and hood in SC – Revista Globo Rural

(Photo: SC Firefighters / Disclosure)

The residents of Monte Carlo, a city with less than 10,000 inhabitants in the interior of Santa Catarina, were surprised last Saturday (3/4) with an unusual accident.

A large harvester lost its brakes while going down one of the stretches of Avenida Enio Lopes de Albuquerque, which cuts through the municipality, and collided with a property, a car and a cart until, finally, it collapsed hundreds of meters later.

Images released by the Fire Department show the moment when the harvester passes in front of a residence on the stretch of avenue known as “morro do hospital”.

In the video, it is also possible to notice that the driver activates the equipment’s horns to alert other vehicles about the danger situation.

Video shows the moment of the accident

According to the incident report, the 38-year-old driver and owner of the vehicle stated that the equipment “had a failure and failed to obey commands mainly from brakes, getting out of control.

Despite the scare, the only injured was the harvester driver, who suffered only minor abrasions and was released after receiving care.


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