Video does not show French police in protest against restriction measures

By Luiz Fernando Menezes

April 5, 2021, 4:58 p.m.

It is false that a video in which French policemen throw handcuffs on the floor is a protest against isolation measures implemented by the government to try to contain Covid-19, as claimed in posts on the networks (see here). The recording is from June 2020 and portrays an act by security agents after criticisms against police brutality.

Publications with the false attribution accumulated at least 262 thousand shares on Facebook this Monday (5) and were marked with the FALSE seal on the social network tool (see how it works). The content also circulates on WhatsApp, but due to the nature of the app, it is not possible to accurately estimate its reach.

In France, military policemen and civilian policemen decide not to favor the globalist system and are on the side of the population, they will not close shops and collect goods from citizens. They decided not to tear up the constitutional rights of their own country.

A video in which policemen throw their handcuffs on the floor has been shared on social media as if it represented a protest by the French force against measures of social isolation. The images were recorded in mid-June 2020, already during the Covid-19 pandemic, but record an action by agents in response to civil protests and criticism by then Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who classified them as violent and racist .

Earlier that month, some 20,000 people took part in a protest in Paris against police brutality. The movement was organized after an independent investigation found that the death of young Adama Traoré, which occurred in 2016, was caused by the violent action of the police. The demonstration took place in the wake of acts carried out worldwide after the death of the American George Floyd, asphyxiated by security agents in the USA.

After the protests, then Minister Christophe Castaner announced that he would ban the strangulation technique in police action and adopt a zero-tolerance stance against racism in the institution. In his speech, the minister went on to say that many of the agents “failed with their republican duty”.

It was then the turn of the French police to carry out protests in different parts of the country. In mid-June, officers gathered in public places and threw their handcuffs on the floor because they believed Castaner’s position was to abandon the police force. According to the movement’s leadership, if the government did not change its attitude, “the police will just leave their tools on the ground and stop arresting people”.

In the video that has been shared on social networks, it is possible to hear one of the men saying, in French, that the police protest would be aimed at the minister: beginning of the week. They felt that the Interior Minister’s intervention was somewhat of a stigmatization of the profession. (…) They ask for a position of the Minister of the Interior notably on the techniques of interpellation saying that if they are prohibited it will affect his capacity of intervention ”.

Other records of these protests can be seen in the international press, as in the Time, on BBC and on Ruptly (watch the video below):

Other pieces of misinformation that misleadingly linked the images to protests against the restriction measures have been circulating in other languages ​​since the second half of 2020 and have been denied by the team. Reuters.


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