On video, woman debauches and defies City tax – Qwerty Portal

On video, woman debauches and defies City tax – Qwerty Portal
On video, woman debauches and defies City tax – Qwerty Portal

A video of a woman from Dom Pedrito circulates on social media who was approached by City Hall inspectors for being without a mask on a public road. In the images, she states that she does not wear a mask and even jokes that she would have become infected with Covid-19 last week. The case happened in the weekend, in the center of the city.

Our team contacted the executive branch to find out what measures will be taken in relation to this situation. The Secretary of Planning, Strategic Management and Environment, Luciane Moura, said that she will seek the Public Ministry to ensure the legal measures in this fact. She also said that this was a case of contempt for public officials, which would constitute a crime under Article 331 of the Penal Code.

Luciane also confessed that the team is small and that is why it is not possible to be everywhere all the time and said that this is a responsibility of the State Government, to provide more civil servants and police to monitor compliance with its decrees.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office also commented on the matter. The prosecutor, Leonardo Giron, explained that “Any act of disobedience to the legal order of a civil servant constitutes a crime of public criminal action, which results in accountability”.

He also pointed out that in this situation it also constituted an infraction of sanitary determination of the Public Power, that is, the breach of the decrees in force in Rio Grande do Sul, which also constitutes a crime of Public Criminal action.

Check out the video:


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