VIDEO: 6th Brigade band has the first women in 25 years of history – General

VIDEO: 6th Brigade band has the first women in 25 years of history – General
VIDEO: 6th Brigade band has the first women in 25 years of history – General

Photo: Anselmo Cunha (Special)
Corporal Taís do Nascimento Silva next to Corporal Anelise Maciel dos Santos

Passionate about music, young women Taís do Nascimento Silva, 29 years old, and Anelise Maciel dos Santos, 27, plays instruments that can be considered quite different. Taís has the tuba as his companion. The instrument weighs 11 kilos and requires a range of skills such as breath and firmness in the fingers, and even strength to hold the equipment. Now Anelise has the clarinet as her faithful squire. Lighter, it doesn’t even weigh 1 kilo, but it also requires technique. In common, in addition to their aptitude for music, the two have a pioneering spirit: they are the first women to join the band. 6th Army Armored Infantry Brigade, based in Santa Maria.

Taís is from São Paulo and, before coming to Santa Maria, in January, he studied music in the capital of São Paulo. She was welcomed by a family of friends who live in the city and already feel familiar on the soil of Rio Grande do Sul. She says she only has one fear: the cold.

– They said it is very cold here. I am already preparing myself psychologically. But it shouldn’t be anything so scary, with time we get used to it – declares the cable.

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The tuba, the instrument she plays, draws attention due to its size. With 11 kilos and very large dimensions, the musician almost disappeared behind the instrument at the time of the performance.

– You need to work on your breathing. Really much. I always did running and swimming to help me perform better with the tuba. I am used to the question of size and weight, ”says Taís.

Santa Mariense Anelise began her trajectory in music by singing in the church at the age of 5. Since then, he has not seen himself doing anything else. She even studied Letters at UFSM, but did not complete the course because her husband, who today is also a member of the 6th Brigade band, was transferred to Rio de Janeiro for a period.

– My husband is in the military and has a degree in Music from UFSM. From him, that I fell in love with my instrument, the clarinet – he reports.

Both Alenise and Taís joined as temporary military personnel after passing a selection process, a practical music test and a physical test. They hope that the achievement will inspire more women to follow in their footsteps.

– I see that it is important, because it is an opportunity for other women to see and realize that they can dream of this career within the Army. I am happy to be able to take this pioneering step – points out Anelise.

Organized in 1996, with military non-musicians assigned by organizations of the military garrison of Santa Maria, the 6th Brigade’s Music Band had the task of training musicians to raise the level of military graduations. The band became official in 2011, with 16 members.

After 25 years of their formation, currently under the command of the 2nd lieutenant master of music Adelar Rodrigues, the band is composed of 24 military personnel, among professional musicians and apprentices.

In addition to graduations, the band also performs in the community in general. During the pandemic, for example, the group organizes presentations in front of hospitals to bring joy to health professionals and patients.

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