Video: Bad refereeing at state 21 is the “callus” of the Santa Catarina Football Federation

Despite President Rubens Angelotti ‘s effort to conduct Santa Catarina’ s football despite all the difficulties in times of pandemic, some referees “try” to harm the competition.

For this columnist, there is no doubt that the effort made by President Rubens Angelotti, and his competition department, of the Santa Catarina Football Federation deserves the recognition of the press in general and the fans. Making football during the pandemic, without the presence of fans in the stands, with revenue evasion and adjusting the table games to the mood of the moods and oscillations of the municipal and state decrees, deserves recognition for the effort and selflessness. However, it must be said that the 2021 Santa Catarina championship is being hampered by the serious errors of the referees. In other words, just as it is recognized for all the efforts of the president and his executive advisors in the best possible conduct of football, it is also recognized by all the “effort” that the state referees make to harm the clubs and the competition. These are unjustifiable, unforgivable mistakes. Two weeks ago I wrote about Mr. Traci and his horrible performances. And, to no one’s surprise, nothing happened, on the contrary, it seems that the man has increased his prestige at FCF. Last Sunday, referee Rodrigo D’Alonso Ferreira was supposed to have left the Hercílio Luz stadium, in Itajaí, to a police station. A video (see below) with its mistakes caused revolt on social networks. On this subject, President Rubens Angelotti sent the following message to the column this afternoon (05): “I am disappointed with so many mistakes. I made an appointment today with the department for evaluations. Our refereeing that came so well in the Brazilian championship now misses a lot. And there’s more for the president. But the important thing is that I put my head on the pillow and sleep peacefully ”. The president is a correct guy. And I imagine how disappointed you are with this situation.

Image: TV Catarinense.

  • In the first move, no foul is called.
  • In the second, the judge noted the lack of Marcílio’s athlete (absurd).
  • In the third move the player received only one yellow.
  • And in the fourth move, the Criciúma player steps on the foot of Marcílio’s player, a clear foul not noted by D’Alonso that ends up interfering in the result, since in the sequence Criciúma’s equalizer comes out.

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