Video of the flag of China in the countryside of SP circulates out of context and encourages xenophobia

The video of a video circulates on social networks flag of China hoisted by the side of a road between the cities of Votuporanga e Sebastianópolis do Sul, in the interior of the State of São Paulo. The person who narrates the recording ignores that the flag of the Asian country is next to the Brazilian one, at the entrance of a Chinese company’s factory. The images are shared with intolerant messages, giving the message that there is something wrong with the situation. Experts heard by Estadão Checks claim that there is no illegality.

The video was recorded by a man who narrates the situation, but does not identify himself. He says that the flag of China “is already planted and flying on national soil” and that “something has to be done urgently”. On Facebook, the Bolsonaro São Vicente page shared the video and asks: “What is this, guys? In place of the flag of Brazil, is the flag of China flying? ”

Viral video on WhatsApp shows the flag of China, but hides the Brazilian flag next to it. Photo: Reproduction

When looking for the terms “flag of China Sebastianopólis”, we find a video recorded in the same location by city ​​councilor Corporal Renato Abdala (Patriotas), from Votuporanga. It is possible to confirm that it is in the same place because it shows a road sign that also appears in the video taken from context.

Abdala says that after receiving the video, he decided to “check out the story”. He says this is the entry of the multinational COFCO International Brasil SA, a Chinese company alcohol maker. In his video, the councilman shows that the flag of China is flown next to the flag of Brazil, which, according to him, would be in accordance with Brazilian law.

Alderman went to the scene and confirmed that the Brazilian flag was flown next to the Chinese flag. Photo: Instagram / @ caborenatoabdala / Reproduction

Lawyer Cecilia Mello, a former federal judge of the Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region (TRF-3), explains that the form and presentation of national symbols are laid down in law 5,700, of September 1, 1971. Article 33 says that no flag of another nation can be used in the country without being on its right side, of equal size and in a prominent position, the national flag, except at the headquarters of diplomatic or consular representations. “Therefore, observing these guidelines, there is no irregularity”, said Mello to the Estadão Checks.

José Ricardo dos Santos Luz Junior, member of the National Coordination of Brazil-China Relations of the Federal Council of the OAB, also remembers article 33 of law 5.700 / 71 and says that “there is nothing illegal about raising the flag of another country in Brazil ”. The lawyer is CEO of the group of business leaders LIDE China and comments that in the organization’s events the flags of the State of São Paulo, Brazil and China are always presented side by side.

Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, misleading content about China has been circulating on the networks. O Estadão Checks already denied that the country has purchased state-owned companies through João Doria and showed that an old photo of the facade of the Fiesp building on Avenida Paulista was old, illuminated with the flag of China.

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