It’s #FAKE that cemetery video proves fraud in Covid-19 numbers and bodyless burials | Corona Virus

The professional recording shown in the video is not an act forged by the media. It is, in fact, part of the production of a special coverage by TV Vitória, from Espírito Santo, about the routine of gravediggers during the pandemic, which aired on March 31. The place that appears in the images is the Barra do Jucu Municipal Cemetery, in Vila Velha.

According to the newspaper “Folha Vitória”, belonging to the broadcaster’s group, the report chose to use the so-called support images to preserve the interviewees. “As the professionals are from outsourced companies and are afraid to expose themselves, in addition to the images made in the cemeteries, television uses the so-called support images to illustrate the report. The decision to use these support images to illustrate the content was made, precisely, so as not to expose who made the complaint “, he clarifies.

“The report was aired on Wednesday (31) and, in no time, associates the images with a real burial, it only reproduces part of a gravedigger’s routine,” he says.

Rede Vitória published a clarification note on the case. “The agenda arises from a complaint by the union that represents these professionals, that they would be working in non-ideal conditions. To compose the report, our reporters recorded the work step by step. The recorded video decontextualizes the moment, misrepresents the fact and creates a lying narrative “, says the note.

“The professionals involved are being attacked on social networks in a cowardly way. Rede Vitória will take all the appropriate measures, be it to strengthen transparency, or to take legal action against the production and sharing of the cyber criminal attack”, he concludes.

According to the Health Secretariat of Vila Velha, “the municipal cemetery in Barra do Jucu is within the expected average of burials, with 10 per month in 2021, three per Covid-19”. There are no burials without bodies at the scene.

As in most parts of the country, the situation is also critical in Espírito Santo. In Vitória, a backhoe was used for the opening of dozens of graves in the Maruípe cemetery last month because part of the employees was removed for being part of the Covid-19 risk group.

3 of 3 It is #FAKE that video in a cemetery proves fraud in the numbers of Covid-19 and burials without bodies – Photo: G1

It’s #FAKE that cemetery video proves fraud in Covid-19 numbers and bodyless burials – Photo: G1

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