Boeing 737-800 from Ethiopian Cargo lands at the wrong airport – AEROFLAP

Boeing 737-800BCF Cargo Ethiopian
Image: GECAS Newsroom

Yesterday (4) the new Boeing 737-800BCF from Ethiopian Cargo registration number ET-AYL, was conducting a flight originating from Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa to the former Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport in Ndola.

Former Simon Mwansa Kapwpwe was recently renamed Ndola International Airport. The name ‘Simon Mwansa Kapwpwe’ will be implemented in the new Copperbelt International also in Ndola being built, and all these changes have confused the crew.

With the name changes between the Airports, Ethiopian Cargo’s 737-800 ended up landing in the construction of the new Airport. It is possible that the aerodrome charts did not receive the name changes, leaving the pilots without a clear direction.

Along with the Boeing 737 cargo, there was another 737-800 taking the same approach for landing at the terminal still under construction, however, this one carried passengers. Unlike the first aircraft, the 737 passengers realized the mistake and did not land.


Image: FlightRadar24

The image shows the second Boeing 737 taking the turn to go to the correct Airport. The two terminals in Ndola are very close, in the case of Ndola International Airport, which is the only operational one, to the south of the new and newly named Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport, in Copperbelt.

“We tried to warn them that they were approaching the wrong track, but we were unable to get a call,” said one of the pilots.

“I’m not sure what made them walk so late – I noticed a very weak X at the ends of the track. Maybe they saw that? ” Completed.


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