In an emotional video, Mayra Cardi confirms reconciliation with Arthur Aguiar: ” We have started a new one! ”

The coach talked about the decision to try to resume her marriage with Arthur Aguiar

Mayra Cardi surprised his followers by sharing a video about the rumors of his reconciliation with Arthur Aguiar.

On her Instagram, the coach shared a beautiful and emotional recording with several moments alongside her daughter, Sophia and also the actor. “Did you come back? No. Because to come back is to do the same way. I separated, we went on with the separation paperwork to finish our cycle. Today is resurrection time and this is how I would like this new life, from death to life. Because, yes, we cannot call life so much lack of love, so much lack of respect and so much destruction done in the past in our home “she started.

The beauty cited the suffering she faced with her breakup, but also said that her profession helped her to deal with all this, and especially, to believe in the change of the singer: “The day I stop believing in the transformation of the human being, the time has come to change my profession and I will certainly stop being happy”.

“We started a new one, again, to live the new. Respecting the time and the orders of things above all (…). ‘Mayra, are you sure he won’t betray you?’. No, I don’t. And we would never be able to have it. We will never know tomorrow, nor our actions, nor the actions of others “, she said that she said she was living in separate houses.

And he continued: “I will do my part, my best to make my decision assertive. In the worst case scenario, if I lose, whoever loses will always be the one who lost me. (…) We decided to fight together. But this time, knowing that if he fails only he loses, because we have our God. And our God said that this time he will only stay if he really loves us as we deserve, otherwise he can go. Because when there is God, there is peace. Life is made of choices and I didn’t choose to be betrayed, I didn’t choose to suffer, I didn’t choose that my daughter didn’t have a father present, nor would I choose to have a daughter if it weren’t for a wonderful father and husband. The point is that I was surprised by life , I was surprised by what she had saved for me “.

Mayra recalled the exposition of her separation and said that she chose to try again. “Then life gave me a new chance to do it differently, it gave me a new chance to try the new one in another way or give up. Because in the end the choice is always ours. This time, I know where I’m going. I can’t to say that I didn’t know, that I was deceived, but I can tell you that I’m not the same anymore. I don’t believe in human beings as much as I once did. And that made me give myself less and at the same time love me a lot, a lot, a lot more than I ever loved myself, made me know God. God, that I didn’t know. And then, yes, it all made sense. I only accept much more than I deserve. And if it is to be like this, wonderful. And if it is not, leave immediately because I change my mind and move on. Obviously, I will never be alone again. I will be with God “, said.

“And for those who believe and cheer, thank you very much. My eternal and intense gratitude for having stood up when I fell and had no more legs to lift. And for those who do not believe and do not root, I understand. And maybe I would stay and do the even if you’re doing it. We doubt what’s practically impossible for us humans. But in this story, in this story of this life, the main actress is me and at the end of the day I’m left with my tears, my smiles and just me and God. And if there is someone who can say something, that someone is Him. And believe it or not, He already said “, finished.

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