Bolsonaro’s son spits on his mother’s face in video

Bolsonaro’s son spits on his mother’s face in video
Bolsonaro’s son spits on his mother’s face in video

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Son of Jair Bolsonaro, Renan Bolsonaro spits on his mother’s face in video (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Son of the President of the Republic Jair Messias Bolsonaro, Jair Renan Bolsonaro took an action, let’s say, quite unexpected last Saturday (03).

The young man, who is very connected on social networks, published on his official Instagram and also on Tik Tok a video in which he spits in the face of his own mother, Ana Cristina Valle.

In the images, recorded in a moment of relaxation, the student appears asking his mother to imitate the sound of some animals.

With a glass of water in hand, Renan, when noticing that Cristina was confused when being intimidated to reproduce the noise of a whale, ended up spitting the liquid in her face.

Outraged by what happened, the former companion of Michelle Bolsonaro’s current husband uttered some curses against the heir. “Son of a bitch”, shot, irritated.

Still on the weekend, the president’s “zero four” son, without worrying about possible negative repercussions on the part of Internet users, shared a video in which he appears singing a song that talks about a rifle.

“Put your rifle on to sing, man. Boot to sing, man. I traded my Playstation for a rifle. My Coca-Cola is hot water from the canteen ”, said the lyrics of the song.

When captioning the record, Renan wrote the following sentence: When you are discharged from the Army. In addition, the boy also shared leisure moments with friends and family on social media.

The filming, until the closing of this article, already made more than 100 thousand views compatible and hundreds of shares.

Watch below:

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