Outlaw, owner of Ana Modas posts video defending herself from rape accusations

Despite being at large, businessman Cleidison Fernandes dos Santos, owner of the Ana Modas store in Belo Horizonte, posted a video on his social networks saying he is innocent on charges of the crimes of rape, rape of the vulnerable and sexual harassment of which they were indicted.

The suspect says he is being accused of crimes he did not commit. “Sexually, I never got over it. I never abused anyone. All the relationships I had in my life were consensual. I come with my family suffering a lot of death threats. My whole family had to move to another state. I’m desperate and not knowing what to do because I’ve lost everything in my life. I’m an innocent guy and I can’t lose my freedom “, says the businessman in the video.

At the beginning of the video, some of the victims’ testimonies are exposed and rebutted to defend that the businessman is innocent. Also in the images, the store owner tells a little of his story when he arrives in Belo Horizonte, says that he has already gone hungry and that he started to earn a lot of money as a businessman, which, according to him, “went up in his head”.

“I say that in relation to finding myself the guy and that every woman wanted to relate to me. I ended up lying to these people. Ludibria, promised what I couldn’t, talked to these people who were unique in my life and said this to get what I wanted and, when I got it, I went out, treated it like it was one more and that was my mistake “, he reports.

The shop owner has been on the run since last March 16, when his arrest was ordered. The complaints about the crimes committed by him came after a blogger posted on Instagram that she was abused and encouraged other victims to also report.

The complaints are from customers, employees and partners of the store and report abuses that occurred inside the store’s fitting room at a popular shopping center in the center of the capital of Minas Gerais.

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