Video shows four refereeing errors in 10 minutes and SC club revolt: “sad and disgusting”

Video shows four refereeing errors in 10 minutes and SC club revolt: “sad and disgusting”
Video shows four refereeing errors in 10 minutes and SC club revolt: “sad and disgusting”

After the match between Marcílio Dias and Criciúma, valid for the 8th round of the 2021 Santa Catarina Championship, the Itajaí club expressed its revolt with the performance of referee Rodrigo D’Alonso Ferreira and called the situation “revolting, disgusting and sad”. A video posted on social media shows four possible refereeing errors in the second half in an interval of 10 minutes.

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But, after all, what are the bids questioned by the Sailor? See below:

24 2ºT | Marcílio Dias striker Franklin is unable to dominate the ball in the defense field. Tigre midfielder Adenilson arrives to protect him and hits his forearm in Franklin’s face, who falls on the lawn. Referee D’Alonso Ferreira, who was close to the move, indicates that it was nothing and follows the match without scoring a foul.

25 2ºT | A minute later, the sailor’s left side, at the entrance of the area, throws the ball to one side and tries to look for the other, but is blocked by the coal defender. Alemão puts his entire left arm on Fernando’s chest and prevents the passage. The referee arrives right after the move and scores a foul in favor of Criciúma. The move hindered a possible chance for a goal by Marcílio and could have generated a yellow card for the defender of Criciúma, who would be expelled.

29 2ºT | Striker João Carlos do Tigre tries to advance from the right side while still in the defense field. Fernando manages to steal the ball and runs for the attack. The sailor’s side advances the ball and goes towards him. After the ball passes his foot, midfielder Moacir lifts his knee and hits Fernando in the ribs. D’Alonso gives Criciúma player a yellow card in a move that could have led to an expulsion.

34 2ºT | In the play that led to Criciúma’s equalizer during a counterattack, Franklin manages to steal the ball, but takes a stomp by João Carlos on his right foot and falls. The Tigre striker goes alone on the right and scores the equalizer. Referee D’Alonso Ferreira was close to the throw and did not miss.

The performance of the referees generated revolt on social networks and fans of different teams from Santa Catarina were in defense of Marcílio Dias and criticized the refereeing chosen by the Santa Catarina Football Federation.

The coal fans also entered the discussion and defended Criciúma on social networks. The Santa Catarina Football Federation, for its part, did not comment on the criticisms.

With the tie, Marcílio Dias reached 12 points and remained in the fourth position of the table. A victory would put the sailor in third place. Meanwhile, Criciúma is bitter in the last position of the championship with four draws and four defeats.

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In the ninth round, Marcílio Dias faces Juventus on Saturday, April 10, at 4 pm, at the João Marcatto stadium, in Jaraguá do Sul. The next day, at the same time, Criciúma receives Metropolitano, who is in the penultimate position, at Heriberto Hülse.

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