Michelle Giarola and her daughter Mellina in the amazing Lyric Video “Prophesizing Miracles”

Michelle Giarola and her daughter Mellina in the amazing Lyric Video “Prophesizing Miracles”
Michelle Giarola and her daughter Mellina in the amazing Lyric Video “Prophesizing Miracles”
Michelle Giarola, missionary, singer and songwriter, launches on her channel YouTube the Lyric Video of the song “Prophesying Miracles”, From the authorial album“The glory of the second home ” (2020). The video has the very special participation of Mellina, the singer’s daughter. Michelle says she couldn’t tell and sing this story without Mellina’s participation, “because it is living proof that God does miracles”.

Michelle says that the song “Prophesying Miracles”Was born in the most difficult moment of his life! Her daughter Melina was born premature, underweight, with intrauterine growth retardation, pulmonary hypertension, congenital cerebral cyst, patent ductus arteriosus, cardiorespiratory failure and with an unfavorable diagnosis. Everything indicated that little Mellina would not have many days to live. She was admitted to the ICU of Hospital Santa Casa de Maringá (PR) for 18 days, intubated, in a coma and sentenced to death. One morning, Mellina got worse, going into multiple organ failure.

That morning, my husband and I were called to the ICU to say goodbye to her, because, at that moment, she was already dying. My world fell, my ground opened… but my confidence remained in the Lord Jesus! The moment they asked me to say goodbye to my daughter, I couldn’t say goodbye, it was too painful … So, in the face of all that situation, I decided to hand her over to God; I prayed, consecrated her to the Lord … and instead of saying goodbye to my daughter, I started to prophesy life, healing and restoration … And at that moment the song ‘Prophesizing Miracles’ was born. And God put in my heart the desire to record this song, so that people can be touched and exercise their faith”, Recalls Michelle with emotion.

The singer also says that recording with her daughter was very emotional. In addition to remembering everything they went through together, they had the opportunity to thank God for having always supported them. “A feeling of gratitude came over our hearts! So, the preparation of the video, every detail and every moment of the filming brought us great joy. We celebrate the Lord who has never forsaken us”Declares Michelle.

The singer explains that, as Mellina is very shy, they were very careful when choosing the professionals who would work with them in this project. Therefore, for the filming and capture of images, they invited the photographer Wilson Júnior and his wife, Fabiana, who have followed their story since they arrived in Campo Grande (MS). “They always recorded important moments like birthdays, family photoshoots, etc. It would be much more peaceful and comfortable for Mellina and it really worked! Mellina loved participating in this video with lyrics! There were special moments and a lot of emotion”, Says Giarola.

Production was once again directed by Angelo Luiz, from AL Agenciamentos. Editing and finalization: Helio Araújo. Funding: Wilson Jr. Michelle declares: “They always surprised us with the quality of the video.“She adds:”I always say that when I watch this video, I want people to be touched. He needs to convey emotion! It needs to convey the truth, and AL Agenciamentos has achieved this objective more.”

My heart’s desire is that this song will bring hope in the midst of chaos. We are living difficult days on Earth! Political, economic, social crisis, illness, death, mourning, families and families mourning the loss of someone. But, even in the face of such a harsh reality, I can say that there is still hope. Jesus is hope! My daughter and I are living proof that God works Miracles! Yes! He heals, saves, frees, transforms, restores, frees … He did, does and will do much more. Don’t give up believing. Do not stop fighting. Prophesy. Prophesy miracles. With love and care, Michelle Giarola.”

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