VIDEO: delegate and health professional discuss about ‘xepa’ of the vaccine against Covid-19 in DF | Federal District

A circular from the Department of Health advises that immunizers that surplus after opening can be applied to public security professionals working in the front line combating the new coronavirus, such as military police officers who escort vaccines or those who monitor agglomerations (see details below).

  • Commander of the PM-DF is exonerated after taking ‘xepa’ of the vaccine against Covid-19
  • Covid vaccine ‘xepa’ to be used on security professionals, says Secretary of Health

In the recording, however, made at around 5 pm on March 31, the delegate – who did not have his identity released – claimed priority in receiving the dose, however, the server stated that the remaining doses should be given to the PMs. .

  • Delegate: “This is an interpretation of you”.
  • Server: “These people have priority to be vaccinated …”.
  • Delegate: “We are together with the PM every day at the curfew, including me too”.
  • Server: “Who is here with us every day, escorting the vaccines, bringing, taking, is the Military Police of the Federal District. Who is doing our security here every day is the PM”.
  • Delegate: “I’m going to ask my fellow military police officers here: is the Civil Police on or not in curfew every day? Everyone is at curfew. I approached 40 people, man, on Thursday. Are you crazy?”

1 of 2 Delegate of the Civil Police and health professional discuss about ‘xepa’ of the vaccine against Covid-19 – Photo: Personal archive

Civil Police Chief and Health Professional Discuss Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Sheep’ – Photo: Personal Archive

In a note, the Union of Police Delegates of the Federal District expressed indignation at the treatment given to the colleague and said that the nurse’s attitude was “at odds with the plan released by the Department of Health”.

  • Vaccine against Covid-19: immunization of the public security forces of the DF begins this Monday

“It is unfortunate to see public security professionals fighting for the leftover daily vaccines, commonly called ‘xepas’, while professionals from other areas, also included in the vaccination plan, only need to prove the condition through their records in the respective professional councils, without the need to prove that they are at the forefront of combating Covid-19 or exercising their profession “, says an excerpt from the statement.

O G1 he contacted the Health Department and was awaiting a position until the publication of this report. The Civil Police, on the other hand, informed that “it will not comment on what happened”.

Last Thursday (1st), another confusion involving the “xepa” of the vaccine was registered in the Federal District, this time at the vaccination post of Jardim Mangueiral, in São Sebastião.

2 of 2 Delegate of the Civil Police and health professional discuss about ‘xepa’ of the vaccine against Covid-19 – Photo: Personal archive

Civil Police Chief and Health Professional Discuss Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Sheep’ – Photo: Personal Archive

According to the vaccination team, another 40-year-old Civil Police chief made threats to be vaccinated.

The nurse registered a police report at the police station. The professional said that the delegate “created turmoil at the end of the working day, mistakenly saying that the Health Secretariat released remaining doses to all Public Security professionals, as if there was no preference”.

According to the report, the policeman was “very nervous, gestured, spoke loudly, and she felt intimidated, cornered”. He, according to the server, asked for her full name and registration number and said that she would open an “ombudsman office against her, because she was choosing who she wanted to vaccinate”.

“The feeling was coerced: ” I will get vaccinated or I will start a procedure against you ‘. The pressure from the deputy was so great that the other nine policemen made a’ ‘wall’ ‘to observe the situation in disbelief, but they said nothing.”

The servant also said that she felt “so harassed and intimidated” that she asked him to give the prison voice. He, however, would have said that he had no reason to arrest her, but that he would open the case at the Ombudsman.

“What is the point of threatening to open a complaint in the ombudsman’s office, to intimidate a woman in the exercise of her profession and function?”, Asked the health professional.

What the Health Department says

  • A circular of the folder, which began to take effect on March 29, determines that the remaining doses of vaccine against Covid-19 be used in professionals of the Public Security forces of the Federal District that meet the following criteria:
  • Who perform street activities and provide essential services, such as support in inspections to combat agglomerations, in the distribution and escorting of vaccines;
  • That act in the security and maintenance of the order in the vaccination posts, in the organization of the drive-thru points and in the pre-hospital care;
  • Those on duty, providing support in local security in the final minutes before the end of the activities of all vaccination posts against Covid-19, always following the order of priority by age of these professionals.

On March 27, another server made a formal complaint to the Department of Health about an alleged constraint she suffered at the drive-thru at Terraço Shopping.

AUDIO: health professional reports that federal police tried vaccination in DF

The official said that she was intimidated by four federal police officers, who wanted to be vaccinated with doses that were left over. “They were very incisive, they said they were not going to get out of the queue,” he said.

“A military officer from the patrol, very promptly, I think that after a lot of talking, he convinced them to leave. But it was a very embarrassing situation and disrespectful to the population and the priority groups that were in the queue.”

The case will be investigated by the Federal Police Internal Affairs.

Read more news about the region in G1 DF.

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