Spotify misses out news about your device for use in the car

For some years now there has been talk of a device that Spotify will be creating. In fact, the biggest streaming service on the Internet has never revealed anything in concrete, but the rumors take for granted that it exists and will be presented soon.

Continuing with a lot of information that has emerged, images of this device now appear. Information present in the Spotify app showed a little more and images emerged of what may be the next proposal that everyone will want to test.


Spotify will have a surprise soon

Despite being a service that relies entirely on dedicated apps and a dedicated website on the Internet, Spotify has experimented in other areas. It is almost certain that there is a device to be prepared a few years ago, although without being materialized.

Information found in one of the Spotify apps came to show a little more about this device. Car Thing, a name for which it is still known, appears in the code and revealed even more about what is already being talked about on the Internet.

Device to replace the app

Based on this information, images now appear, revealing their shape. We can see the presence of a large button on the right side, a large color screen and 4 buttons at the top. This screen is now bigger than the one formally presented in 2019.

It is not yet known how this device will be connected to the Internet, but it is known that it is dedicated to the car. At its February event Spotify did not reveal anything about what Car Thing will have or what it will have to offer users.

Car Thing: Streaming Made Easier

Presented in 2019, Spotify revealed that this device of yours would be for testing purposes only. It would also serve to assess what users like to hear while on the move and in very specific usage situations.

Over the years, even though it has been the object of testing, it has long since changed. Its design has evolved, as you can see, it already looks like a product ready to be presented. Name, date of presentation and even its final form are yet to be revealed. This may come up soon, as you can see.

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