App Store: fraudulent application causes user to lose all savings in Bitcoins

App Store: fraudulent application causes user to lose all savings in Bitcoins
App Store: fraudulent application causes user to lose all savings in Bitcoins
Apple has always bragged about the reliability of the apps in its app store, the App Store. However, we now know of a case that shows that fraudulent apps may also appear on this platform.

At issue is an alleged cryptocurrency wallet from Trezor, available for download on the App Store. And because of it, Phillipe Christodoulou lost the savings of a life that he decided to invest in Bitcoin.

User loses an asset exceeding $ 1 million in Bitcoin due to fake wallet

Phillipe Christodoulou invested in the cryptocurrency of the moment about 600 thousand dollars, savings that he saved throughout his life. After a few months, this value increased considerably, having turned into more than one million dollars.

So far so good, but the misfortune was confirmed when Christodoulou found that his Trezor wallet had been emptied by a third party. In other words, this man lost a fortune because a malicious application managed to pass Apple’s verification.

As far as is known, this fraudulent application managed to enter the App Store in disguise. That is, its creators developed a legitimate application for Apple’s approval, however, the product launched in the store differed from the one that had been approved.

Despite the presence of this supposed digital wallet on the App Store, Trezor has stated several times that it does not make its wallet available on the Play Store or App Store. Additionally, it advised its users not to deposit information about their Bitcoins in places other than their official wallet.

In December 2020, Trezor asked Google to remove this decoy from its app store. A request that the American company quickly accepted, thus protecting its users and those who use Trezor’s wallet.

Some disinformation and unhappiness by Phillipe Christodoulou led him to lose his life savings. This report should serve as a warning to all who invest in cryptocurrencies so that they are very cautious and thorough with the places where they deposit their money.

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