BBB 2021: Boninho recreates the classic event of 2011 and videos reverberate; watch!

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Boninho announces the return of the Leader Test in the Angel Test (Image: Reproduction – Globo / Editing – RD1)

Boninho surprised everyone by announcing what the Trial of the Angel this week on BBB 2021. On Friday night (2), he said it would be a kind of “remake” of one of the biggest events of the program’s leader.

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On Instagram, he released the video of those confined ten years ago going through the biggest streak, trying to cross from side to side embraced in a giant bottle.

“Tomorrow we will have an equal or better tasting of the angel”, shot. At the time, the sponsoring brand was Guaraná Antártica. Today, Coca-Cola is in place and the test was done with Fanta Guarana.

This time, Fiuk e Gilberto won the dispute, which was held in this Saturday (3). The pair will choose a participant who will be immunized in the formation of the wall of the week.

In addition, they won R $ 10,000 each and a special lunch, with videos of the families. The pair qualified for the final of the competition and won the match against Arthur and Pocah.

The goal was to take two cans to the other side for their partner. The brother in the orange vest took a can, climbed into a giant can, while the brother in the green vest brought his partner using the wheels as quickly as possible.

When the orange vest arrived, he should jump out of the can and deposit it in one of the niches.

After winning the event, Fiuk and Gil determined that Rodolffo and Caio will carry out the Punishment of the Monster, which will be held until this Sunday (4). The pair of bastions will wear costumes from caveman men.

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