Do Xiaomi Mi Band 5 bracelets work on Mi Band 6? The explanation

Do Xiaomi Mi Band 5 bracelets work on Mi Band 6? The explanation
Do Xiaomi Mi Band 5 bracelets work on Mi Band 6? The explanation
At the beginning of last week, Mi Band 6 was formally introduced. This is Xiaomi’s new smart bracelet, which comes with some improvements, without breaking with the predecessor’s design.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 wristbands fit perfectly into the Mi Band 6

The most notorious detail of the new model is the use of the screen. We went from 1.1 ”to 1.56” inches. But the question that arises is: do the bracelets that we have at home with the Mi Band 5 work on the new model? The answer is a round sim.

Although we have a 50% larger screen on the Mi Band 6, the body of the bracelet is the same. And if the Mi Band 4 bracelets did not fit perfectly in the Mi Band 5, the ones in this band work perfectly in the new model.

If like many users, you are one of those who habitually buys all Mi Band, you will not be disappointed. If you equipped yourself with bracelets from the previous model, you can wear them without any problems in the new one, as you can see below on the Cymye channel.

This is good news for anyone who plans to buy the new bracelet as soon as it hits the market, as you can now purchase bracelets available in many spaces like Amazon in Spain.

In addition to the greater use of the screen, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 arrives with other scrolls that may justify your purchase. For the first time we have a SpO2 sensor on the bracelet for monitoring blood oxygen, and consequent breathing data during sleep. Instead of 11, in the new model we have the ability to monitor up to 30 sports modes.

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