Facebook Alert! 2 million Portuguese with personal data revealed!

Facebook is back in the mouths of the world for the worst reasons. According to information provided by the Business Insider website, more than 553 million users have had their private information published on a hacker forum.

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In the information published in the forum, the numbers of users used by country are detailed, in a list containing more than 100 countries. With regard to Portugal, the list reveals that the hacker has in his possession personal information of more than 2 million Portuguese.

The information leak was detected by Alon Gal, CTO of cybersecurity company Hudson Rock, who revealed the great risk that this information poses to users. With this data, hackers and other malicious users will be able to orchestrate various types of hacking and scam attempts.

Personal data of more than 2 million Portuguese Facebook users fall on the internet

Without (obviously) revealing any complete data about the users, Alon Gal published several screenshots on his Twitter account that confirm the huge list of countries from which the hacker was able to access information. In addition, it also shows details about the various information collected.

Personal data of Facebook users exposed on the internet:

  • Phone number
  • ID do Facebook
  • Full name
  • Location
  • Latest locations
  • Date of birth
  • Email account
  • Account creation date
  • Relationship status
  • Biography

This is far from the first time that Facebook has faced an incident of this nature. Incidentally, the last one of great prominence happened last year and of course, the Cambridge Analytica scandal a few years ago.

For now, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has not yet commented on this new information, and has not even confirmed (or denied) the security breach.

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via: 9to5Mac

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