Data from 553 million Facebook users were leaked on the internet

The personal data of around 553 million Facebook users have been leaked and are exposed for free on the internet, in an online forum of hackers. The leak was reported in a report this Saturday (3rd) of the Business Insider.

The information disclosed involves the phone number, name, location, birth and email address of users of the social network.

The case was discovered by Alon Gal, chief technology officer at Israeli cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock. He published details of the leak in his on Twitter, this Saturday (3.Apr.2021).

The exposed data includes information from users in 107 countries: more than 32 million from the United States, 11 million from the United Kingdom and 6 million from India. From Brazil, data about 8 million users were leaked.

In an interview with Business Insider, Alon Gal said that the exposed information can cause criminals to use people’s data to impersonate them or get the password login.

“A database of this size containing personal information, such as the phone numbers of many Facebook users, would certainly lead to malefactors taking advantage of the data to carry out social engineering attacks. [ou] kacking attempts ”, Gal told Insider.

“Individuals who sign up with a reputable company like Facebook are trusting their data and Facebook [deve] treat data with the utmost respect. Leaking users’ personal information is a major breach of trust ”, he declared.

Until the publication of this report, Facebook had not commented on what happened.

The leak was first detected by Alon Gal in January. At the time, a user tried to sell the data on the forum. The information has now been posted for free.

In 2019, Facebook confirmed that user profile passwords were available online. The problem reached millions of users.

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