Spotify misses images of the new gadget for vehicles

Over the past few months there have been rumors about the possibility that Spotify is preparing for the launch of a new gadget focused on vehicles, which would facilitate the task of users in transmitting content to the vehicle’s radio.

Although nothing concrete has yet been revealed, now there are details about what the interface that will be used in conjunction with this gadget may be. According to the MacRumors portal, images associated with the gadget were recently discovered in the most recent code of the streaming service app, and more specifically, with the interface that the gadget will use in the application.

The renderings shown demonstrate what appears to be very similar to the design presented by Spotify in mid-2019. Apparently, this device should have a small screen that will use the Spotify interface to access the content. Users will have access to the main features through it – and in this case the panel is presented in a very similar way to that found in many modern vehicles.

Unfortunately, details are still unknown as to when Spotify intends to officially reveal this new product, and for now it has not yet been officially confirmed by the company – except in the case that the company has indicated in the past that it is developing new experiences for users and about different formats than they are currently provided.

However, taking into account that the images seem to be appearing on the official app of the platform, everything indicates that more revelations about the product may come up soon.

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