IPhone or Android? Find out which one has more storage, on average

IPhone or Android? Find out which one has more storage, on average
IPhone or Android? Find out which one has more storage, on average
The latest data from Counterpoint Research looks at the storage available in the mobile industry, comparing Android and iOS. On average, one iPhone user has more storage available than an Android user.

Looking at the graph shared by the source, an Android user had, at the end of 2020, an average of 95.7 GB of internal storage. Those who own an iPhone had access to 140.9 GB of storage on average during this period.

Although, for example, the Galaxy S10 Plus arrived in 2019 with 1TB of internal storage, you should keep in mind that this data is an average. And considering that there is more fragmentation on Android, it is not surprising that the smaller number.

Average flash storage capacity of smartphones (in GB). Source: Counterpoint

2020 is marked by being the first year in which the average of 100 GB of smartphone storage was exceeded. And even keeping the lead, the iPhone only saw a 4.1% rise in average storage capacity. This against 21.7% on Android.

128 GB is increasingly the standard of the mobile industry

As Counterpoint notes, devices with at least 128 GB of storage have increased by around 40% in the last quarter of 2020. This is at a time when having at least 64 GB has already become the standard.

At a time when most smartphones are losing support for storage expansion via microSD, it is increasingly important for many users to see these numbers go up.

Tell us in the comments how much storage space you have on your smartphone, and what you consider the minimum required. Also tell us if for you it is important to continue to have the option of expansion via microSD that few top equipment already offer.

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