Kim Kardashian’s Cadillac Escalade gets special customization

As much as many people think otherwise, Kim Kardashian is still a celebrity and, luckily for us, has a good taste for her cars. Platinum Motorsport personalized this Cadillac Escalade Platinum ESV for her and showed it on her Instagram account with photos from Paid2Shoot.

The Escalade received a painting called KK Silver, which was christened with the owner’s initials, with a satin finish. At the front, a honeycomb grille with the Cadillac logo in a single color. Platinum Motorsport reduced the height of the suspension and completed the package with 26 “wheels. The windows received tinted windows.

The wheels have a design with a large central area with thin spokes, with a ring complementing the design. The changes gave the Escalade a different and beautiful style, with details and subtleties that few will be able to perceive and that seem made in the factory.

With 4 children to carry, the Escalade ESV has plenty of space for the Kardashian family. The new SUV has more than 38 “on OLED screens (there are 3) on the dashboard. Rear rear passengers have access to an additional 2 of 12.6” each. The list of equipment includes the Cadillac Super Cruise and an augmented reality navigation that shows real-time images with instructions for arriving at points.

Escalade buyers have an optional 36-speaker sound system with 3 amplifiers. In addition, it manages to give the navigation system its own channel to give instructions.

The new Escalade is available with 2 engines. The V8 6.2 with 420 hp and the 3.0 6-cylinder in-line turbodiesel of 277 hp, both with the 10-speed automatic transmission with the option of all-wheel drive or just rear.

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