5 music streaming services to use for free

Do you still remember what it was like to record tapes with the music on the radio? What about CDs that were recorded with entire albums of favorite artists? The MP3 gigs that we had on the records with the bands of choice. And now? Well, now the world has evolved and we have streaming music services where we can listen to our bands anywhere. We just need the right service and we don’t even pay a euro. As there are many services, today we make an “alternative” school.

We are going to show you 5 music streaming services that are different from what most people consume.


5 music services not to spend a euro whatever

Yes, the idea is to have quality and diversity without spending a euro on subscriptions. Despite this, these platforms, if we want more than what they offer “free”, have paid packages with many more options to choose from.

No, the idea is not to talk about Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music ... Let's search the periphery of these most popular.

1.º – eSound

Of course, many already know this service. It was talked about a few months ago and it was a success. The application has more than 150 million tracks online to listen to and add to your music library!

Image app and streaming music service esound

ESound is a music streaming platform that takes advantage of a set of Internet media to offer users free resources that on other, more popular, platforms are paid for. Use and abuse it because you can listen to music without spending money and still have the best quality that others charge for making it available.

Homepage: eSound
Price: Free

2.º – Audiomack

Audiomack is a service that has been around for a few years, at least since 2012. This is a music streaming platform that allows artists and creators to upload songs and podcasts to share with listeners through applications for mobile devices.

This year, Billboard began to include streaming data from Audiomack in some of its programs. This service stands out for its many advantages, including offline playback, which is free for all users and is not blocked by paid access.

According to the latest data, the platform currently has 17 million monthly users.

3.º – Amazon Music

Amazon Music is already starting to want to meet with Spotify. According to data released by the company, each platform has about 70 million songs available. In addition, both services offer a free trial period.

Of course, like Spotify, this platform also has some limitations in the free version, but it may be an option for those who want something with the Amazon stamp.

Illustration of music streaming services to listen to music for free

As we announced, the user will be able to listen to songs, podcasts and create playlists ,. In addition, you can also import your MP3 music into Amazon Music. This is not yet the case, but in some countries this platform works very well with Alexa personal assistant.

4th - Mixcloud

Mixcloud is, essentially, a service for those who like radio programs. That is, on this platform is a community with more than half a million DJs, radio stations, speakers and prestigious musical opinion makers.

The not-so-recent figures tell us that it will have more than 4 million active users. In addition to the free version, the platform also has Mixcloud Premium and Mixcloud Pro, the latter for professionals who want to monetize their audience.

This British online music streaming service was born in 2008, but has remained very niche, in a group of DJs who like their place of sharing. This service is very interesting.

5.º – SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an online audio publishing platform used by music professionals based in Berlin, Germany, founded in August 2007. Here, musicians can collaborate, share, promote and distribute their compositions. However, this platform has grown to the point where today we can discover millions of free songs and listen without any hindrance.

This tool became popular for several reasons, but it was the sharing tools, super simple to use and very versatile, that extended the use of this platform to millions of creators and beyond. For example, one of the main features of SoundCloud is that it allows artists to upload their music with a distinctive URL.

Thus, by allowing sound files to be embedded anywhere, SoundCloud can be combined with Twitter and Facebook to allow members to go further when it comes to their audience.

As we can see, with the free SoundCloud, anyone will have more than 120 million tracks by emerging and renowned artists. A huge variety of themes for all tastes. They will also receive recommendations for music and audio content. In addition, the platform allows users to interact with friends and even with musicians.

So if you want to get out of the current, if you want to listen to music without being in the same services as always, try these. In addition to becoming addicted, you will discover thousands of themes that have always been on your side.

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