Google will abandon Snapdragon processors on the Pixel 6

Google will abandon Snapdragon processors on the Pixel 6
Google will abandon Snapdragon processors on the Pixel 6
There has long been talk of the possibility that Google could develop its own processors. Well, these rumors will materialize this year with the launch of the Google Pixel 6.

This information is advanced by the 9to5 Google publication, which claims to have had access to documents that prove this paradigm shift. As such, 2021 will be the American giant’s farewell to Qualcomm’s processors.

Google Pixel 6 will come equipped with the first “Whitechapel” processor

In early 2020, there was a rumor that Google was developing its first SoC (system on chip). This has the code name Whitechapel and is also known internally as GS01. It is important to note that GS stands for Google Silicon.

Now, the source says he found in these documents a connection between the Whitechapel and the designation “Slider”. As far as 9to5 Google was able to ascertain, the latter is a shared platform for the first Google processors.

The first product resulting from this project should be presented in the fall of this year, coinciding with the usual presentation moment of the top-of-the-range Pixel. Something that also corroborates the statements of Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, who had promised interesting news for 2021.

Google thus seems to want to follow Apple’s path with the development of its own processors. The new SoC´s of the Mountain View company should also target smartphones and Chromebooks.

Samsung is Google’s partner in the development of this processor

Apparently, Samsung will be collaborating with Google for the development of Whitechapel processors. Since Google is mostly a software company, it makes sense to seek help and advice from someone with more experience in the business.

Google processors will be able to share some knou-how of similar Exynos. Especially because both will be developed under the responsibility of the South Korean SLSI division, which means that they will also be able to share some software components.

We hope that Google’s processors can have better energy management than Exynos. South Korean processors have had a rivalry with the Snapdragon, but note that the latter have always been the best.

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