Mi Fit app from Xiaomi gets update with news for Mi Band 6

Mi Fit app from Xiaomi gets update with news for Mi Band 6
Mi Fit app from Xiaomi gets update with news for Mi Band 6
The arrival of the Mi Band 6 this week marked a new chapter for Xiaomi. The latest version of the brand’s smartband brings some news, but mainly renews what it represents for Xiaomi.

Now that it is presented and almost reaching the market, it is time for Xiaomi infrastructure to prepare. The Mi Fit app is the first to take the necessary steps and now receives an update, which prepares it for Mi Band 6.


The new Mi Band 6 smartband has arrived

It was earlier this week that Xiaomi showed the world a lot of new products. From the huge list of novelties, one of them stood out for being expected for some time. We talk about the Mi Band 6, which the brand renewed compared to last year's model.

With some important news, the Mi Band 6 has everything to stand out again in the market and in the face of competition. It is expected that it will again dominate the market and that it will be a new sales success, just like all previous versions of this smartband.

The Mi Fit app receives an update

The Mi Fit app, from Xiaomi, is now receiving a new update, which prepares it for Mi Band 6. This version, at 5, is reaching all markets, even those where there is still no certainty of the arrival of this new smartband.

The first novelty described in the list of novelties is based on Mi Band 6. This novelty is now supported. The second novelty is dedicated to monitoring the quality of breathing during the user's sleep.

Xiaomi has its ecosystem updated

Available since last Tuesday, this update is almost mandatory for anyone with a Mi Band. Accessible on the Play Store and App Gallery, it can be found in the area of ​​app updates for each of the mobile operating systems.

The path to Mi Band 6 is thus traced. Xiaomi already has its software ready and adapted to receive its new smartband, which in this way can finally be launched on the market and for all users.


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