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Newly sold in Brazil, the iPhone 7 benefited from the cheap dollar in the year of its launch

Launched in 2016, the iPhone 7 has a special place in the heart (and pocket) of the Brazilian. According to the startup Trocafone, which specializes in selling used smartphones, it was the most purchased device on the platform during 2020. What could explain the popularity of a cell phone presented five years ago (and retired from the company’s stores in 2019)?

“It has very good aspects, with good memory capacity, great camera and affordable price”, explains the executive president of Trocafone, Guille Freire. “People buy the iPhone and are happy because they never thought they would have an iPhone. It is an aspirational thing. ”

However, it is not just the brand that this iPhone lives on – the technical specifications make it stand the test of time. The 7 brought an impressive 256 GB of space at the time (still very good for today), came with greater battery performance compared to its predecessors and, for the Plus category, was the first in which Apple inserted the dual camera. Even the smallest model’s simple camera still maintains acceptable performance.

The device also raised a great controversy, but today it is no longer scary: it was the first cell phone to abandon the main headphone jack, known as P2. That is, the iPhone 7 set the trends for the next generations of the device. Parading with one of these does not mean that the user is carrying a technological fossil.

On the contrary, the legacy of the iPhone 7 is so strong that Apple seems to have been inspired by its design and features to launch the iPhone SE 2020, an entry device (by brand standards, of course) that costs from R $ 3.7 thousand.

Thus, it is normal for users to insist on these more traditional models, even if they are older. Miner Carlos Michel, 49, a sales executive, acknowledges that he cannot leave Apple, since he has been using iOS since the iPhone 3GS: “I don’t have the courage to pay for a new iPhone because it’s too expensive, but I’ve gotten used to it system. I continued with my iPhone 6S until the opportunity arose ”, he says.

In March 2021, he bought an iPhone 7 Plus, 256 GB, and an iPhone 8, 128 GB, from the boss, for R $ 900 and R $ 800, respectively. “Here in Minas we say that a horse is not used to passing twice, so I added the useful to the pleasant”, he jokes.

Premium phone features make iPhone 7 stand the test of time


The fact that the device, since 2016, has been receiving updates from the native system, iOS, weighs heavily in favor of the iPhone 7. Launched with iOS 10, it is expected that the future iOS 15, coming out this year, contemplates the darling of Brazil, further increasing the life of the cell phone – something that most Android cannot count on, since the updates usually last for a generation or two on the Google operating system.

Another point that helped the popularization of the 7 was the most palatable dollar that year, which had an average exchange rate of R $ 3.50. This allowed more people to buy new iPhone 7 units, which now supply the used car market.

Life cycle

Another factor in favor of the iPhone 7 is that premium phones have cutting-edge features, which allows them to reach the end of what specialists call “first cycle”, that is, the moment when the first owner of the cell phone falls apart. of the product and sells it to third parties, who will start the second cycle. According to experts, a cycle can last two to three years on average.

With the necessary adjustments, Trocafone estimates that an iPhone can pass through up to four owners, if the product is well taken care of – which today is facilitated thanks to the easy access to smartphone repair parts, further increasing the durability of the devices in the long run. deadline. IPhone repair and parts were not always accessible, something that has also changed.

The analyst at consultancy GfK, Fernando Baialuna, explains that these devices give the lower classes resources that low-end smartphones do not have, even if they are not cutting edge in the current market. “The consumer buys an old model and has access to more outdated technology, but the benefit is that the device has more resilience and more durability than low-cost ones”, he says.

“Instead of buying a new device with fewer features, why not a semi-new device with more features and greater durability? This is a consequence of the ‘premiunization’ ”, points out Baialuna.

Cell phones above the R $ 10,000 range, therefore, should become even more common, depending on technology companies. But they will also remain in the hands of users for a longer time.

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