Apple registers patent with design for iPhone that will not please fans

Apple has registered a new patent with design for iPhone that is dividing the internet. The apple company registered its new design with a very characteristic element and inspired by the Mac Pro (2019).

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If the Mac Pro (2019) received some criticism thanks to its ventilation grid (which ends up resembling a cheese grater …), the truth is that Apple just registered a very similar design for its smartphone line.

Understand, this patent, like many others, may never result in a product sold to the public. It is quite common to see companies like Apple file patents on technologies that may or may not be used. However, there are some interesting benefits here in this type of design that could make your arrival at a future iPhone consider.

Apple iPhone with Mac Pro grill brings cooling benefits

Looking closely at the patent, we can see that this design is used not only on the rear panel of the iPhone, but also on the structure of the device. In the description of Apple’s patent we can read that:

“The components and structures of electronic devices can limit the performance levels of these devices. For example, current structures can limit the performance of a device due to the inability to efficiently distribute or reject the heat generated by that electronic device to the environment that surrounds it. ”

The truth is that the small and numerous cavities in the structure of this design for iPhone would allow for an improved ventilation of the internal components, with the main importance for the processor. With the increasing capacities of Apple processors, the need for cooling will also be greater, so a design like the one presented in the patent could be useful in this mission (the inclusion of an octa-core processor, without giving up the power of the Firestorm cores could become if a reality).

The Mac Pro 2019 grid had a lot to say when announcing it.

On the other hand, the lack of isolation of this hypothetical iPhone would imply less protection for the interior of the smartphone, which could compromise its normal functioning (an IP68 certification would be to discard). With the vast majority of iPhone users resorting to a case to protect their device, much of the benefits of this design would be immediately lost, so we will hardly see Apple coming up with a new model with these features.

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Via: BGR

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