Chinese Tianwen-1 mission takes beautiful pictures of Mars poles; look!

The year 2021 is marked by several missions exploring the planet Mars, including the Chinese Tianwen-1, which entered the Martian orbit in February this year. The mission takes a rover and a lander, scheduled to land in May on the Red Planet. Until then, the spacecraft continues to orbit the planet and capture beautiful images, such as those recently released by China’s space agency CNSA, where Mars presents itself in an increasing phase.

There are two images taken separately. One from the northern hemisphere and the other from the south, with the Tianwen-1 medium resolution camera – the Chinese agency’s first interplanetary mission. In the records, the poles of the planet are illuminated by the Sun in a beautiful contrast of red with the darkness of deep space. It is also possible to observe the fine Martian atmosphere. The photos were captured by the probe at a distance of approximately 11 km.

Northern hemisphere of Mars, captured by the probe Tianwen-1, on March 18 this year, about 11 thousand kilometers away (Image: Reproduction / CNSA)

Currently, Tianwen-1 continues in a polar orbit that places it between 280 and 59 thousand kilometers away from the planet. The image in which the southern hemisphere is illuminated was taken on March 16, while that of the northern hemisphere on March 18. The spacecraft’s orbit allows it to fly over areas of Mars that are candidates for landing sites. The mission aims to study the geology of the planet, the gravitational field and the distribution of water, in addition to other scientific purposes.

Southern Martian Hemisphere. registered on March 16 (Image: Reproduction / CNSA)

The spacecraft has been evaluating the best landing site, while capturing and analyzing the high-resolution images from the spacecraft’s camera.


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