‘Outriders’ game now available on Xbox Game Pass

‘Outriders’ game now available on Xbox Game Pass
‘Outriders’ game now available on Xbox Game Pass

The game ‘Outriders’, produced by Square Enix with the PeopleCanFly studio, was released this Thursday (1st) and is now available for Game Pass platform subscribers. Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S users can now play this science fiction that mixes shooter and RPG.

The game is set in the distant future and places the player as a member of a group of space colonists. They need to find a new home for the human race and decide the ideal location, the planet Enoch. The problem is that when they land there they discover the “Anomaly”, a phenomenon that causes storms that destroy equipment and interferes with the natural evolution of local animals, turning them into extremely dangerous beasts.


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The official Xbox news site listed six important points to “help players start their journey in the full title”. The first is to load characters and progress. Both in the demo will wait for the full game, without much mystery in the transfer. It is still possible to change the appearance of the characters without having to start over.

The game ‘Outriders’ was officially launched this Thursday (1st). Image: Square Enix / Disclosure

It is still advisable to check the inventory. In the chest, found in any hub, you can find the Hell’s Ranger bonus equipment. The game also allows the player to change the levels, variants, mod combinations and other details of his equipment., In the crafting system to be made available. Thus, the publication advises that the player of ‘Outriders’ personalize everything.

The other two points covered are about levels. One encourages players to challenge themselves with World Tiers and the other is the use of Challenge Tiers.

In addition to Xbox consoles, ‘Outriders’ can be played on PC, Stadia and PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. The Xbox Game Pass subscription costs between R $ 29.99 and R $ 44.99 per month, between PC, console and both .

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