Riot Games announces the first expansion to the VALORANT universe

A Riot Games yesterday announced what is the first expansion to the universe of VALORANT, his popular tactical shooter, called VALUANT: Agents of Romance.

Agents of Romance will be the first individual game of the dating simulator genre by Riot Games. The expansion comes after the success of the dating yes missions of the Spirit Blossom event of the League of Legends, which will be released for PC in 2021.

Dating yes will allow players to take on the role of a new recruit who is training to become an Agent at VALORANT. As players experience the difficult life of an Agent in training, they build deep relationships with each of the VALORANT Agents: collecting items, going on dates and perhaps even saving the world on the way.

“We are always looking for new ways to expand and explore the VALORANT universe, even before launch. When dating came up, yes, we thought it made sense,” disse Anna Donlon, Executive Producer do VALORANT. “We believe that everyone can enjoy the VALORANT Agents, whether they are players of tactical shooters or players of the dating genre, yes.”

VALUANT: Agents of Romance arrives during the year 2021

“Our Agents are living individuals, who breathe and express themselves just like our players,” disse Joe Killeen, Narrative Writer do VALORANT. “Agents of Romance allows us to put these inner emotions and human relationships to use, and they can explore who these individuals really are when they are not in uniform and have their weapons guarded.”

“It’s funny. Initially, we wanted to launch Agents of Romance as a game mode on VALORANT, but it started to grow in such a way that it took on a life of its own,” said Joe Ziegler, Game Director of VALORANT. “I don’t remember who suggested it, but at one point we said – screw it, let’s make a game out of it.”

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