Moscow forces the use of Russian apps on all mobile phones and computers

A The law that came into force today requires all devices to be equipped with specific Russian-made programs, even for equipment that has been imported.

As infractions will be punished by fines that will start to apply from next month July.
The law was enacted in 2019 by President Vladimir Putin and should have been applied in July 2020, having been presented as a means of promoting Russian technology companies in the face of foreign competition.

Opponents say it is a new attempt to control the media electronics.

The services that must be mandatory pre-installed belong to two giants of internet Russians: Yandex and that provide “Russian social networks”, Odnoklassniki e VKontakte.

The list also included the company’s programs Kaspersky Lab.

In Russia, this controversial legislation is dubbed the “Anti-Apple Act”, in reference to the American manufacturer who, so far, has refused to pre-install applications other than those of the company itself.

Russian authorities have drastically worsened the forms of blocking foreign social networks and banned portals linked to the opposition, as well as hampering the functioning of security services. internet who give voice to the opposition and who refuse to cooperate with the regime.

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