PUBG gains mode where it is necessary to defeat heavily armed chickens | Battle Royale

The mode was launched in celebration of April 1 and the game’s four-year anniversary. The chickens, which are already a tradition in PUBG, appear in POBG led by the powerful PlayerOmnom. The aim of the birds is to control the battlefield so that the phrase “winner winner chicken dinner, “messages that players receive when they win a game in Battle Royale, be said again.

POBG was developed by the internal PUBG team in partnership with the consulting firm IMGN.PRO. The game is also promoting a partnership with the KFC restaurant chain. In the coming days, influencers will distribute vouchers to the chain’s franchises. To try your luck and get a voucher, the player must follow the transmissions of the following influencers, while POBG is available: aXt, CarolSG, Cid (Unsaved), Gaules, Magalzão, Netenho, Neves, Novela Contada, Nyvi Estephan, Pava, Gusang, Rebeca Trans, Samira Close, Shevii, SkipNhO, Tecnosh, TheDarkness, BigHead, Pansa, Abak, PutuDonald, RomanovGamer, NecronAQN, Sayuri Mattar, sparkingg, DJMaloka, ReleeN, dilera, Lula, Gabriel Sotobello and Pabllo Vittar.


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