‘Stop sending me slips!’

‘Stop sending me slips!’
‘Stop sending me slips!’
Felipe Neto decided to do a good deed, but ended up getting into a comic mess. Last Wednesday, the youtuber said, on Twitter, that he paid the bank slip that a follower sent by message on Instagram. The fan’s intention was just to remember to pay the bill at another time, but the digital influencer ended up paying off her debt.

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” A follower sent a payment slip on my Insta’s direct for her to remember to pay. I paid and I think she will be very confused tomorrow ”, wrote the carioca.

After the actor’s report, other followers started sending his bank slips to Felipe Neto to pay, and he immediately asked: ” Stop sending me slips! That’s not what I wanted to say, no! ”

Users of the microblogging decided to play with the situation. ” If I send mine from college, will you pay too? I only send it if you answer, but I would think it would be too good to say to my children: ‘Today, the mother is a social worker thanks to many people, one of them was Felipe Neto’, ‘wrote a follower.

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“For you to remember never to mention that you paid the ticket of 1 random follower (laughs)”, warned an internet user.

“I will send you from my card … because I have no money to pay,” said a follower.

“How many more Felipe says not to send more slips he will receive,” observed one internet user.

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