Warzone map during the Cold War appears in leaked trailer

On the morning of March 31, it was released Twitter an unfinished digulgation trailer, probably from the next season of Call of Duty: Warzone, which showed new map elements during the events of the Cold War.

In the unfinished video, in addition to several personalities performing acrobatics in front of green screens, it was possible to see a transition from the current map of Verdansk to its 1980 version.

First glimpse at 80’s Verdansk from r/CODWarzone

In the reimagined scenario, a bridge and aqueducts are where the dam would be, the stadium appears under construction, it is possible to see a plane from the Cold War era at the airport, as well as a giant radar antenna like the one at the end of the Black Ops-Cold campaign. War.

Press Release / Activision Blizzard

A segunda temporada de Call of Duty: Warzone, battle royale free-to-play da Activision Blizzard it is almost over, but none of this information about the new season is official.

There was already some speculation that new content could bring elements of Call of Duty: Black Ops-Cold War, and leaked trailer that appeared on Twitter last Wednesday morning (03/31), although incomplete, was able to show some of these new elements of Verdansk.

Press Release / Activision Blizzard

The trailer was quickly removed from the air by Activision, which is extremely strict about violations of the use of its intellectual properties, but unfortunately it cannot cope very well with the amount of cheat engines that terrorize the competitive and casual scenario of its games.

The new map of Call of Duty: Warzone is expected to arrive near the start of the third season on April 22.


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