Humankind unveils new video with a focus on Diplomacy

Battles and wars will be important in Humankind, a turn-based historical strategy game, but they will not happen in isolation. After all, open conflict is only a small part of human history. Rivalries and grudges may have played important roles over time, but they also provided commerce, kinship and alliances.

The last episode of the Feature Focus series delves into the methods of conflict and cooperation in Humankind: get ready for trade, treaties, territorial disagreements and even betrayal!

Humankind – Diplomacia

Humankind’s diplomacy system aims to create interesting stories based on the player’s interactions with the map and with other opponents. You will be able to develop a changing relationship with other empires and find reasons to love or hate them.

Angry at that neighbor who settled in you? Send him a letter with strong words to demand that they deliver the territory immediately. Stabbed in the back by your longtime ally? They will have a hard time maintaining this war.

Tools such as treaties, trade, complaints and demands will be at your disposal to manipulate and enforce these relationships. All of this and more are detailed in this video and on the dev blog.

So, are you going to give up all grudges to make friends and build a global trading network? Or take every opportunity to demand compensation and wage war? How you approach Diplomacy in Humankind is up to you, but we are certainly looking forward to seeing the drama unfold!

Humankind is available in pre-order for PC and Stadia.

Helo! My name is Beatriz Chiessi I am 29 years old, graduated in Business Management. I love games and dramas ♥

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